What is Sater?
As from 1996, technicians of coatings companies of Buenos Aires began to meet with the aim of exchanging the knowledge acquired during their years of experience in the industry. In 1997, they founded the Argentine Association of Technologists in Coatings (Sociedad Argentina de Tecnólogos en Recubrimientos), with the purpose of creating a space in which they could maintain, exchange and transmit their experience and knowledge to third parties. This non-profit civil association set up its head office in Buenos Aires, managed by a Board of Directors that was formed by active partners of the entity, elected by the Meeting every two years. The institutional purpose is to promote the development of Spanish speaker professionals who work in the coatings and inks industry, through knowledge increase.
To fulfill this purpose, SATER organizes training and academic activities, compiles and creates unknown information, apart from producing and storing graphic, electronic and audiovisual material with theoretical and practical contents, necessary for the production improvement of coatings and inks.SATER has more than 200 active members, professionals and technicians who develop their activities in companies that are coatings manufacturers and suppliers of Argentina and other countries (see Membership).
Besides, more than 60 companies that belong to SATER Cooperator Member category support its work and specially engage with all the entity activities.  SATER expands beyond Argentina, for which it dictates courses regularly in Latin American countries, by itself or together with other colleague companies.

    P   O   R   T   F   O   L   I   O


The importance of knowledge
SATER understands that the only way that the Inks and Coatings Industry last over time –in a so competitive market as the current one- is through improvements in production, quality and processes, accompanied with the ability to detect and satisfy the demands of the new segments or specific niches of the market.
That’s why SATER works to achieve the development of the industrial activity that nourishes this association with a distinctive profile, within a continuous search of excellence. To achieve this, we invite experienced professionals to join our educational centre with the aim to transmit the experience and knowledge acquired –mainly– in the industry as well as in the academic field.
We have no doubt that the future of our sector resides in companies made up by persons with solid knowledge. SATER’s governing aim is the transmission of the knowledge that the industry requires for its long-term sustainable development.
As differential strategic definition, SATER compiles, stores, processes and transmits technical knowledge in Spanish, adapting itself to the Latin-American context for the formulation, processing and application of coatings, inks.


The essence and the strength of SATER comes from its members, who give their support, knowledge and contacts which constitute the relationship with the industry.  Active members enjoy a lot of benefits, like important discounts in courses, journeys and exhibitions, and exclusive access to the encrypted information on the website or to the Library.
Cooperative members enjoy similar benefits for two technicians from their companies and are allowed to develop technical commercial activities within the scope of SATER.  The membership fee for Active Members is $ Arg 75 for a three month period ($ Arg 300 per year) for those who live in Argentina and U$S 80 per year for those who live outside Argentina.
The fee for companies which are Cooperative Members is U$D 240 a three month period.  All the forms needed to enroll are available on the website: www.sater.org.ar

SATER Database
The database has 3000 email addresses which receive the newsletter and other pieces of information.
In Argentina the magazine reaches 1100 persons. In foreign countries approximately 450 people who are part of 190 companies receive it.
From these 190 companies, 128 are coatings manufacturers; and the rest are associations, suppliers, users and universities.

SATER works together with related entities all around the world, which allows us to have a great amount of updated sources of information, and a fluid relationship with international lecturers. Some of the organizations that are in permanent contact with SATER are: 
- CSI (Coatings Societies International) SATER is part of this federation since 2004. Twelve of the main technical  associations of the world participate of CSI, some of them with almost one hundred years of history.
- ACA, American Coating Association
-  CHIDECAR (CONICET) located in the department of Organic Chemistry of the “Exact and Natural Science Faculty”
-  Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).


More Information on www.sater.org.ar


   Last Update : June / 13 / 2012